VINVOX’s telematics solution is installed quickly and effortlessly in the vehicle during pre-delivery inspection.

Dealers have the option of using either GSM (cellular) communication, or Bluetooth®-enabled communication through a feature-rich mobile app for the customer, which offers features like trip logs, fuel level reports, a vehicle finder, “safe” texting service, and more.

Because the telematics solution provides True Odometer and Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) readings, vehicle owners receive automated, data-driven vehicle maintenance notifications via SMS (text messaging) or email. When their vehicle sends a message, customers pay attention.

The telematics solution also enables precisely targeted marketing campaigns based on accurate customer information, so you’re only investing in messages and promotions that are highly relevant and welcome. Its rich and precise data also enables analytical and predictive reporting to give you an edge on your competitors.

Shop Scheduler

The VINVOX shop scheduler, VIP Service™, can be used either as a standalone service or with the VINVOX telematics solution. Using a simple drag-and-drop interface and intuitive menus, it gives employees the power to quickly and easily book more vehicles into the bays. The scheduler maintains customers’ detailed vehicle maintenance histories and includes factory-recommended service catalogs. When used with the telematics solution, the shop scheduler integrates with an online service scheduler for completely automated service scheduling – and when the vehicle speaks, customers listen. Thanks to real-time daily odometer data updates, it refers to each vehicle manufacturer’s official maintenance schedule to automatically notify the customer when service is due, as well as alerting the customer whenever the vehicle triggers a Diagnostic Trouble Code. It then directs the customer to an online booking application to set an appointment with the right service technician for the task, displays additional service options, and provides automated reminders.



The VINVOX reporting application, VIP Insights™, provides business intelligence that gives you a competitive edge. Using True Odometer readings, it provides rich, precise web-based data for analytical and predictive reporting so you can optimize parts inventories, evaluate customer trends to enable targeted and automated marketing and promotions, and accurately plan the resources you need for future service schedules.