ds VINVOX’s patent-pending True Odometer reading ability is unique because it gathers the data from the source — directly from the vehicle’s CAN bus through the OBDII port. The data includes Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), fuel percentage, and more. It does this by identifying the odometer’s specific address on the CAN bus, which is different for every vehicle year, make and model. VINVOX has created a significant and expanding database of odometer addresses for vehicles made after 2008. Other telematics providers rely on GPS, algorithms, or other “guesstimates” to determine odometer readings. Unfortunately, these methods aren’t always accurate or affordable. As well, GPS-generated odometer estimates can potentially violate customer privacy, and may not be valid for warranty claims. A True Odometer reading is the real voice of a vehicle – and people listen when their vehicles speak. Call VINVOX to find out more.