VINVOX’s patent-pending True Odometer reading ability is unique because it gathers the data from the source — directly from the vehicle’s CAN bus through the OBDII port. Other solutions rely on GPS, algorithms, or other “workarounds” to determine odometer readings.

Unfortunately, these methods aren’t always accurate or affordable. Also, GPS-generated odometer estimates can potentially violate customer privacy, and may not be valid for certain warranty claims. Accurate odometer readings are crucial when presenting data to customers regarding car rentals, fleet management, maintenance milestones and more.

VINVOX has become a leading supplier of true Telematics data to companies seeking to increase the value of their OBD solutions.

An Integrated Solution

VINVOX developed FETCH to deliver accurate and timely data to its customers by way of a secure and integrated solution. Using a simple API (application program interface), the client-server is able to connect to the VINVOX host server and request functions to support specific vehicle PIDs.

Extensive PID Database

VINVOX has many years of experience working with On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) systems and has developed the FETCH application in order to provide its customers with direct access to the Parameter IDs (PIDs) needed to run their Telematics solutions.
Subscribers to the FETCH application receive access to both Mandated and Non-Mandated PID data. Mandated PIDs are those defined by the SAE J1979 standard and include functions such as Fuel %, Engine Run Time, and Engine Oil Temperature. Non-Mandated PIDs are those that vary by OEM and are not easily accessible. Examples of Non-Mandated PIDs include Seatbelt Status, Fuel Level, and the vehicle’s “True Odometer”. VINVOX has dedicated a great deal of effort on building a substantive database of Odometer PIDs and is a leading supplier to the North American market.
If your organization requires assistance accessing specific PIDs, please feel free to contact us. Our team of experts would be happy to discuss any possible opportunities.

Vehicle Coverage

VINVOX has created a significant and expanding database of PIDs for North American cars and light trucks manufactured in 2008 or newer. Vehicle coverage includes the majority of major OEMs and focuses on vehicles that are most commonly found on the road today.
FETCH customers are granted access to the entire vehicle database, which is constantly being updated with newer models. Our team of engineers are continuously scanning vehicles in order to deliver the most comprehensive catalogue of PIDs available today.