VINVOX’s telematics applications help automotive industry clients secure customer loyalty, win new business, and make informed strategic decisions based on accurate real-time data. VINVOX also provides vehicle owners with the ability to conveniently manage the maintenance of their vehicle and monitor its status and history using web-based and mobile technology.

VINVOX has offices in Moncton, Canada and Las Vegas, Nevada. Its team brings many decades of combined experience in the advanced Information Technology and automotive sectors.

Our Founder

founder Dan Wood is the President and CEO of VINVOX. He leads the executive team, guides research and development, oversees sales and marketing, and fosters relationships with financial partners. Since 1993, Wood’s auto industry experience has covered a range of sectors, including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and dealership. Wood’s leadership as founder of TSi Auto Solutions, a top provider of financial analysis applications for automobile industry partners, has given him unique insight into the diverse needs of auto manufacturers, dealerships, dealer groups, and automobile financing institutions. Wood has been recognized by the business community with numerous awards for his automotive retail achievements, entrepreneurial excellence, and innovation.