It’s a fact: convenience drives customer loyalty. When consumers are asked to make less effort during a transaction, they come back for more. They remain loyal, instead of taking their business to independent or chain service centres — or just not bothering with the service at all. Their repeat business means fewer losses and greater profits.

Consumers are also more likely to trust data that originates from the vehicle itself. VINVOX’s VIP Service™ shop scheduler, and Online Booking application, equips dealers to provide the kind of seamless and effortless experience that today’s consumers expect, based on data that consumers recognize as accurate and authentic. With this product suite, dealers can also make more strategic operating and marketing decisions based on accurate vehicle usage information.

  • VIP Service ™ : Real-time maintenance partnership

    VINVOX’s telematics solution is installed quickly and effortlessly in the vehicle during pre-delivery inspection. Dealers have the option of using either GSM (cellular) communication, or Bluetooth®-enabled communication through a feature-rich mobile app for the customer, which offers features like trip logs, fuel level reports, a vehicle finder, “safe” texting service, and more. Because the telematics solution provides True Odometer and Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) readings, vehicle owners receive automated, data-driven vehicle maintenance notifications via SMS (text messaging) or email. When their vehicle sends a message, customers pay attention. (more…)
  • True Odometer : Real-time data collection

    dfVINVOX’s patent-pending True Odometer reading ability is unique because it gathers the data from the source -- directly from the vehicle’s CAN bus through the OBDII port. The data includes Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), fuel percentage, and more. It does this by identifying the odometer’s specific address on the CAN bus, which is different for every vehicle year, make and model. VINVOX has created a significant and expanding database of odometer addresses for vehicles made after 2008. Other telematics providers rely on GPS, algorithms, or other “guesstimates” to determine odometer readings. Unfortunately, these methods aren’t always accurate or affordable. As well, GPS-generated odometer estimates can potentially violate customer privacy, and may not be valid for warranty claims. (more…)
  • Extensive Coverage : Fact-based communications

    dfVINVOX plays well with others. Put the power of one of our solutions – or the entire suite – behind your brand. If you offer fleet management, the accuracy of True Odometer data and our Telematics application could be the key to minimizing costs and enhancing your results. Develop an additional revenue stream by incorporating the full VINVOX Shop Scheduler solution into your existing suite of products. Our application can be themed to work with your company’s existing brand, or sold using the VINVOX theme. It includes…
    • Fully integrated Telematics solution
    • Intuitive and feature rich shop scheduler
    • Online Booking application
    • Reporting application
    Our experienced team of product experts will assist in making the implementation of our solution seamless, and provide guidance and support in the transition. Please contact us for more details!