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Telematics Device

VINVOX’s patent-pending Telematics application is installed quickly and effortlessly in the vehicle during pre-delivery inspection. Dealers have the option of using either GSM (cellular) communication, or Bluetooth®-enabled

Shop Scheduler

The VINVOX shop scheduler, VIP Service™, can be used either as a standalone service or with the Telematics application. Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, and intuitive menus it gives employees the power to quickly and easily book more vehicles

Reporting Application

The VINVOX Reporting application, VIP Insights™, provides business intelligence that gives you a competitive edge. Using True Odometer readings, it provides rich, precise web-based data for analytical and predictive reporting so you can optimize


The conventional wisdom in the industry is that 50 percent (or more) of OEM profitability occurs after the sale of the vehicle. The dealer plays a critical role in this process as the primary customer interface. Unfortunately, dealers and OEMs have never been on the best of terms. And when it comes to leveraging service opportunities to crank up profits there remains much room for improvement. Continue reading